do I work?

As a dedicated Life and Wellbeing Coach, my goal is to help my clients grow and live more fulfilling lives. I provide clear, lively guidance to help them face life's challenges with confidence and understanding. I assist in finding the root causes of everyday challenges and uncover hidden excuses on a subconscious level that prevent the resolution of issues. My approach focuses on building self-awareness and resilience, which are key to knowing oneself better and improving overall wellbeing. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey in a supportive and refreshing environment.

True wellbeing or mindfulness isn't achieved by attending weekly classes or workshops; they provide calm only for a short time before you return to reality. True wellbeing involves consistently working to tidy up your mind every day, focusing on fixing issues rather than hiding them in your subconscious. By not concentrating on just one or two things, it becomes easier to understand the systems that shape your reactions and perspectives on a subconscious level, which affect your real life without you even realising it.

My journey into life and wellbeing coaching began with a desire to explore the intricacies of human behaviour and the factors influencing it. This led me to study sociocybernetics and psychocybernetics, as well as systems of people's behaviours on the subconscious level that create our lives. These studies provide valuable insights into how social factors and individual behaviours interact on a subconscious level. They enhance my ability to guide my clients effectively.

In my practice, I stress the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and their impact on mental health. I help my clients incorporate positive habits into their lives, promoting a balanced approach to physical and psychological wellbeing. In today's fast-paced world, stress and imbalance are common issues. I offer strategies to manage stress and maintain mental clarity, helping my clients navigate daily life with calm and purpose.

My role as a Life and Wellbeing Coach goes beyond traditional coaching. I am a partner and ally in my clients' journeys towards better health and happiness. Seeing the positive changes in my clients is incredibly rewarding and motivates me to continue my work.

Creating a supportive and dynamic environment is key to my coaching. Each session is tailored to my clients' unique needs and experiences, fostering growth, self-discovery, and positive change. My ultimate aim is to see my clients thrive, transitioning from challenges to a state of complete wellbeing. This is what makes my role as a Life and Wellbeing Coach truly fulfilling.

I adopt a holistic and vibrant approach that combines my passion for psychology with practical life coaching techniques. My work is deeply rooted in the belief that understanding people's thoughts and actions is key to unlocking their potential. I prioritise creating an environment that fosters open communication and understanding, especially valuing insights from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This diversity enriches our sessions, providing a broader perspective and deeper empathy.

I also emphasise the power of nature to rejuvenate and inspire, often holding sessions outdoors to benefit from the calming and energising influence of the natural world. Even in online sessions, I encourage clients to connect from peaceful places like parks or woods.

I am committed to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest research and methods in wellbeing and human behaviour. This ensures my coaching is informed, relevant, and effective. My qualifications reflect my dedication to providing comprehensive support to my clients.

I can help you better understand the processes and systems that create your reactions to everyday life situations and shape your perspectives on challenges. Together, we'll face the hidden excuses and subconscious systems that you might not want to see or understand. This approach isn't soft play but a highly effective way to achieve mindfulness and lasting wellbeing.

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