Services I Offer

Finding Root Causes of Issues

Identify the subconscious systems causing clients' issues, and teach how to manage and transform them into positive changes through analytical thinking. Additionally, teach subconscious systems how to achieve goals and remove hidden excuses.

Areas I Work With My Clients:

Everyday Challenges

Tackle daily obstacles with confidence and clarity, using tailored strategies to enhance overall wellbeing.

Problems from the Past

Address and resolve past issues that impact current life, fostering healing and personal growth.

Couples Relationship Coaching

Strengthen relationships through improved communication, understanding, and conflict resolution strategies.

Parenting Coaching

Gain effective tools and insights to navigate the complexities of parenting, enhancing relationships with children.

Behavioural Challenge Coaching for Kids and Youth

Help young individuals overcome behavioural challenges and develop positive habits and attitudes.

Positivity and Goal Achievement Coaching

Cultivate a positive mindset and set achievable goals, empowering clients to reach new heights in personal and professional life.

Support for Substance Challenges

Receive compassionate support and practical strategies to overcome challenges related to alcohol or drugs, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Challenges

Teach clients to transform negative thinking patterns into positive, actionable challenges, promoting a more optimistic and proactive outlook on life. 


I am delighted to offer my life coaching sessions, designed to inspire and facilitate your journey towards personal growth. Whether you're drawn to the tranquillity of the outdoors or prefer the convenience of online sessions, my approach is tailored to suit your individual needs.

🌳 Outdoor Sessions: Experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of the great outdoors with my sessions in Oxfordshire, available at £50 per 1 hour. These sessions are an ideal blend of nature's peace and insightful coaching.

📦 Outdoor Package Offer: Avail of a special package comprising four weekly outdoor sessions, each one hour long, for just £180. This package saves you £20 while providing consistent support towards achieving your goals.

💻 Online Sessions: If online sessions are more your style, I offer them at £40 per hour. These sessions offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring you can grow and develop, no matter where you are.

🌐 Online Package Deal: Choose my online package for four weekly one-hour sessions at a total cost of £150, saving you £10 and making your journey to self-improvement even more accessible.

Each session, whether conducted outdoors or online, is bespoke to your unique path and situation, ensuring a meaningful and transformative experience. I am committed to supporting and guiding you at every step of your personal development journey. Are you ready to embark on the path to a better you? Contact me today to book your session and start your transformative journey!"


Remote sessions are made possible and accessible thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Katchorek IT Team and their platform.
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