Services Offered

• Root Cause Resolution & Rapid Problem Management:
As a dedicated life coach, I am committed to helping you identify and address the root causes of your challenges. My unique approach combines the principles of psychocybernetics and sociocybernetics to offer you innovative solutions that not only tackle immediate issues but also promote long-term growth and success. Together, we will transform your obstacles into stepping stones for personal development, ensuring you achieve and sustain your goals with confidence and clarity.

• Life Coaching:
I offer dynamic and impactful life coaching sessions, focused on helping clients achieve their goals with a positive and action-oriented approach. Rooted in understanding human psychology and behaviour, my coaching is tailored to each individual's personal and professional development needs.

• Outdoor Coaching Sessions:
Emphasizing the rejuvenating power of nature, all coaching sessions, including online ones, are encouraged to be conducted outdoors in tranquil environments like parks or woods. This unique approach helps clients relax and engage more effectively, enhancing the overall coaching experience.

• Relationship Coaching for Couples:

Specializing in relationship dynamics, I provide couples with tailored advice and strategies to strengthen their partnerships. My sessions are designed to address specific challenges and improve communication, fostering a deeper connection between partners.

• Parenting Coaching:

Parenting Coaching is tailored for parents struggling with child-rearing challenges. Drawing from my own parenting experiences and expertise in children's psychology, I provide practical advice and support to address these difficulties. The sessions focus on empowering parents with effective strategies and compassionate guidance, aiming to ease the journey of raising children amid various hurdles.

• Behavioral Challenge Coaching for Kids and Youth:
In partnership with Natalia, I offer a specialized service dedicated to families dealing with behavioral challenges in children and adolescents. Together, we engage both the child and their parents to uncover and tackle the root causes of these challenges. Our joint approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the family dynamics, fostering an environment conducive to positive changes and growth for everyone involved.

• Positivity and Goal Achievement Coaching:
Guided by the mottos "Nothing is impossible," "No excuses, find solutions," and "Work hard, achieve your goals," I coach clients on how to stay positive even in difficult times. My approach focuses on building resilience, maintaining a positive outlook, and continuously moving towards personal goals with a smile.

• Support for Substance Challenges:

I offer dedicated support and motivation for individuals struggling with alcohol or drug issues, using a compassionate yet focused approach. My aim is to empower clients to find healthier, more fulfilling paths forward.

• Cultural and Empathy Building:

My sessions are enriched by insights from diverse cultures and backgrounds, fostering broader perspectives and deeper empathy in clients. This aspect of coaching is particularly beneficial for personal growth and understanding of global diversity.

• Analytical Problem-Solving:

My coaching involves an analytical approach to uncover the root causes of challenges, not just treating the symptoms. This method helps clients understand and adapt to different situations more effectively, leading to lasting positive change.

• Continuous Learning and Development:

Committed to my professional growth, I continuously enhance my coaching methods by staying updated with the latest in psychology and related fields. This commitment ensures that clients receive the most effective and current coaching strategies.


I am delighted to offer my life coaching sessions, designed to inspire and facilitate your journey towards personal growth. Whether you're drawn to the tranquillity of the outdoors or prefer the convenience of online sessions, my approach is tailored to suit your individual needs.

🌳 Outdoor Sessions: Experience the rejuvenating atmosphere of the great outdoors with my sessions in and around Abingdon, available at £50 per 1 hour. These sessions are an ideal blend of nature's peace and insightful coaching.

📦 Outdoor Package Offer: Avail of a special package comprising four weekly outdoor sessions, each one hour long, for just £180. This package saves you £20 while providing consistent support towards achieving your goals.

💻 Online Sessions: If online sessions are more your style, I offer them at £40 per hour. These sessions offer flexibility and convenience, ensuring you can grow and develop, no matter where you are.

🌐 Online Package Deal: Choose my online package for four weekly one-hour sessions at a total cost of £150, saving you £10 and making your journey to self-improvement even more accessible.

Each session, whether conducted outdoors or online, is bespoke to your unique path, ensuring a meaningful and transformative experience. I am committed to supporting and guiding you at every step of your personal development journey. Are you ready to embark on the path to a better you? Contact me today to book your session and start your transformative journey!" This message is now tailored to UK English standards, maintaining a personal and engaging tone.


Remote sessions are made possible and accessible thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Katchorek IT Team and their platform.
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